Who is Chef Keem?

Born and raised in Munich, Germany…I’m a Bavarian at heart and a Texan by choice. 30 years in Austin, Texas—what a ride!

Back in the old country, I did what you might call an ancient forerunner to “American Idol”: I found and produced talent. I was an A&R director for CBS Germany.

After my emigration in 1981, however, I fell in love with the culinary arts, and so I became a chef. I even started my own small specialty foods business selling unique candies, pastries, and the first ever flavored agave nectar on the market.

Then I discovered web 2.0 and it changed my world.

Since 2008, I’m doing what I do best and love most: Producing unique and useful online content in various creative forms—through videos, images, music, and blog posts.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others, and one of my jobs is community manager for the German online portal PageWizz.com. I find great pleasure in helping my lands(wo)men catch up to the latest in online marketing and content creation. (They are about 3 years behind the US standards.)

My new marketing company helps small businesses and individuals to promote their brands and create a powerful online presence.

Keep reading for details elsewhere on this site. Don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions.

Chef Keem

Chef Keem