Your Mission

You want your small business to be #1 in Google. Right?

Easy enough. Make a website, get it indexed, type your unique business name into Google search…there you are – #1. How valuable is that? Not very. People who do the same already know about you.

In order to tap into the tremendous potential of online marketing, your business must appear on the front pages of Google when people search for hundreds, if not thousands, of relevant terms in your field. Those are the potential customers you want to attract to your website.

A few years ago, online marketing was easy because only trained web designers knew how to build a site. Today, anyone with a computer can set up a site within minutes. In fact, millions of new sites are being published while you are reading this post.

Google has only 10 spots available on their front page. The competition is fierce.

Nowadays, success or failure of a website is determined a long time before you even add the first word or picture. Without the proper back end structure and a solid keyword strategy, your website won’t have a chance.

Your content should be unique, useful, and updated. You need a blog attached to your site, and someone who knows what they’re doing should take care of it. Posting alone is not enough – you must promote your work so the search engines can find it.

Are we done yet? Nooo.

You guessed it…social media. Nasty. Who knows how it works, and, who has time for it anyway. (I won’t even get into back link and comment strategies…)

Uncomfortable news: You need all the above and more, if you want a shot at the front page in Google.

Good news: There are professionals who’ve spent thousands of hours to learn about these things, and they continue to study the latest developments, because things change all the time.

I am one of them.