Disturbing Comfort Food News: Are Pot Pies Killing Us?

Product Information

Huge food conglomerates such as ConAgra – selling more than 100 million pot pies a year under their Banquet label – admit they can no longer ensure the safety of their products.

It’s all about the bottom line, of course.

Ever cheaper ingredients are shipped from far away places and it’s impossible to know the exact suppliers. How strict are the food regulations in some Third World countries? Do they screen their products for microbes? No one knows.

The makers of Swanson, Nestle, Hungry Man, etc. are clever – they shift the responsibilities to us, the consumers. Now, the pot pie package contains the instructions for saving our own lives when enjoying the convenience of a quick dinner preparation:

Cook to exactly 165 degrees. And use a kitchen thermometer in several spots of the dish!

Convenience? Comfort? Quick? Easy? Hell no!

What if we miss a corner that stayed below 165 degrees?

Pot Pie

Pot Pie

This is serious folks! We could get very sick from salmonella food poisoning, and the corporate honchos get away with it. After all, they’ve warned us…

How much more profit will it take, and how many of us have to die before our food manufacturers turn back to delivering safe and fully-tested products?

My advice: overcook every TV dinner! Or, eat baby food. But wait – wasn’t there another recent scandal…

Read more about these horrifying facts here and in the New York Times.

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